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SXL 0576

Niemen – Enigmatic
A1 - Bema Pamięci Źałobny - Rapsod (Threnody In The Memory Of Bem)

B1 - Jednego Serca (One Heart)
B2 - Kwiaty Ojczyste (Flowers Of My Country)
B3 - Mów Do Mnie Jeszcze (Keep Speaking To Me)
SXL 0708

The TREMELOES – Here Come The Tremeloes
A1 - Here Comes My Baby
A2 - Run Baby Run (Back Inti My Arms)
A3 - My Town
A4 - Round And Round
A5 - What A State I'm In
A6 - Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

B1 - Good Day Sunshine
B2 - You
B3 - Let Your Hair Hang Down
B4 - Shake Hands (And Come Out Crying)
B5 - When I'm Her
B6 - Even The Bad Times Are Good
SX 1509

ARP-LIFE – Jumbo Jet
A1 Jumbo Jet
A2 Adolfino Tango
A3 Apolobomba
A4 Besame Mucho
A5 Baby-Bump

B1 Tango Milonga
B2 Olo-Boogie
B3 Hotel Victoria
B4 Jalousie
B5 Motor-Rock
B6 Bu-Bu
SX 1530
Various Artists – Rock'N'Roll
Side A
A1 It's Rock'n'Roll
A2 I Told You So - Shakin' Stevens & The Starleights
A3 That’s All Right Mama - Chas and Dave & Friends
A4 Down On The Farm - Freddy "Fingers" Lee
A5 Keep On Coming - Flying Saucers
A6 Love Bandit - The Darts
A7 Milk Cow Blues - The Pirates
A8 Make Like Rock'n'Roll – Matchbox

Side B
B1 The South's Gonna Rise Again - Flying Saucers
B2 At My Front Door - The Darts
B3 Sexy Ways - Shakin' Stevens & The Starleights
B4 Washing Machine Boogie – Matchbox
B5 Big Blonde Baby - Chas and Dave & Friends
B6 My Bucket?s Got A Hole In It - Freddy "Fingers" Lee
B7 Sweet Love On My Mind - The Pirates
SX 1585

Afric Simone – Afric Simone
Afric Simone – Afric Simone
Side 1
1 Ramaya (Simone - Regal)
2 Sahara (Simone - Regal)
3 Salome (Simone - Regal)
4 Wakididi (Simone - Regal)
5 Piranha (Simone - Regal)
6 Todo Pasara Maria (Simone - Regal)

Side 2
1 Hafanana (Simone - Regal)
2 Jumbo Jet (Simone - Regal)
3 Vagabundo (Simone - Regal)
4 Mira El Toro (Simone - Regal)
5 Curare (Simone - Regal)
SX 1687

LIVIN' BLUES – Blue Breeze
A1 Shylina
A2 Back Stage
A3 Midnight Blues
A4 Pisces
A5 Bus 29

B1 Blue Breeze
B2 Pick Up On My Mojo
B3 That Night
B4 Black Jack Dilly
SX 1740

DREAM EXPRESS – Just Wanna Dance With You
DREAM EXPRESS – Just Wanna Dance With You
A1 Hi Lili Hilo
A2 I'm A Lion
A3 Got To Have You Back
A4 Just Wanna Dance With You
A5 Mr. Tattoed Man
A6 Like Mozart Said

B1 Sunshine On Rainy Days
B2 C'est Si Bon
B3 Yummy Yummy
B4 Melody And Tune
B5 Yo Yo
SX 1741

Super Love – A Super Kinda Feelin'
Super Love – A Super Kinda Feelin'
A1 Disco Get Down
A2 Where The Eagle Flies
A3 My Main Man
A4 Sexy Reggae
A5 A Super Kind Of Love

B1 Sweetness
B2 Hang Up Your Problems
B3 The Sha-La Song
B4 Oh, Why
B5 Rosie
SX 1758

Second Life – Why
A1 Suzy Was Her Name (D. Danneels)
A2 The More I Gave You(M. Maertens)
A3 You Are Love K (P. Montouris)
A4 Dance With Me (D. Danneels)
A5 Island In The Sun (Belafonte - Burgess)
A6 Why (Dirk Danneels)

B1 City Lights (M. Maertens)
B2 Why Don't You Let Me Go (Mets - Richards)
B3 When A Man Loves A Woman (A. Wright - C. Lewis)
B4 Jamaica Farewell (Lord Burgess)
B5 Come Home (P. Montouris)
Licence from Mouse Music Company
SX 1892

Drupi – Drupi
A1 - La Piu Bella
A2 - Io
A3 - Osteria Tre Re
A4 - E La Musica Va
A5 - Marta

B1 - Provincia
B2 - Un 'Onda
B3 - Buonanotte
B4 - Piero Va
B5 - Gente
B6 - E Cosi Comincio
SX 1876
Czeslaw Niemen – N. AE. / Postscriptum (LP)
Side A
A1 Dziwny Jest Ten Świat (Strange Is This World)
A2 Pokoj (Peace)
A3 Nim Przyjdzie Wiosna (Before Spring Comes)
A4 Elegia Śnieźna (Snow Elegy)

Side B
B1 Moje Zapatrzenie (My Gaze)
B2 Serdeczna Muza (Beloved Muse)
B3 Źyć Przeciw Wojnie (Living Against War)
B4 Postscriptum
SX 1892

BUDKA SUFLERA – Ona Przyszla Prosto Z Chmur
BUDKA SUFLERA – Ona Przyszla Prosto Z Chmur
A1 - Ona przyszla prosto z chmur
A2 - Słońca jakby mniej
A3 - Archipelag
A4 - Motyw z Jasnorzewskiej

B1 - Tyle z tego masz
B2 - Sekret
B3 - Planeta smoka
SX 2417

Bill HALEY & The Comets – Rock And Roll
Bill HALEY & The Comets – Rock And Roll
Side A
A1 I'm Walkin' (Dave Bartholomew - Fats Domino) 1:55
A2 High Heel Sneakers (Robert Higginbotham) 2:40
A3 Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Lee Perkins) 2:15
A4 Tossin' And Turnin' (Malou Rene - Ritchie Adams) 2:30
A5 Flip Flop And Fly (Charles Calhoun - Lou Willie Turner) 2:50
A6 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' Down (Dave Williams - Sunny David) 2:50

Side B
B1 C. C. Rider (Ma Rainey) 3:05
B2 Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Lloyd Price) 2:35
B3 Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke) 2:25
B4 Personality (Harold Logan - Lloyd Price) 2:25
B5 Crazy Man Crazy (Bill Haley) 2:35
B6 Rock And Roll Music (Chuck Berry) 2:25
LPP 022
Irek Dudek – No.1 (LP)
Side A
A1 Something Must Have Changed
A2 From Alojz To Alex
A3 Flute Tune
A4 Dudi Boogie

Side B
B1 The Blues
B2 Straight Blues
B3 One Day Hero
B4 Przebierka
SX 0771
Side A
A1 Yellow River
A2 Gotta Be Free
A3 I've Got A Feeling
A4 New York City (M. Blaikley - V. Elmes)
A5 Inside Looking Out
A6 Put Your Money Down

Side B
B1 Down The Mississippi Line
B2 San Bernardino
B3 Country Boy
B4 Johnny One Time
B5 Coming Home Tonight
B6 Here I Am
B7 Until The Dawn
Written-By - Jeff Christie (tracks: A1 to A4, A6 to B7)
A C.B.S. U.K. Recording
SXL 0992

TRUBADURZY – Będziesz ty…
TRUBADURZY – Będziesz ty…
A1 Dokądkolwiek z karuzeli ulic
A2 Będziesz ty
A3 Ile wiemy o sobie
A4 Przedwieczorna godzina

B1 Piąta pora roku
B2 Spojrzenie pod słońce
B3 Jeszcze moja
B4 Dokąd idziesz lato
B5 Połoniny niebieskie
B6 Mówisz tak
SX-T 3

QUEEN - The Best Of Queen
A1 Brighton Rock
A2 Killer Queen
A3 Now I'm Here
A4 Somebody To Love
A5 Tie Your Mother Down

B1 I'm in Love With My Car
B2 '39
B3 Bohemian Rhapsody
B4 Don't Stop Me Now 
B5 We Are the Champions
B6 We Will Rock You
SX-T 7

JETHRO TULL - Stormwatch
A1 North Sea Oil
A2 Orion
A3 Home
A4 Dark Eyes
A5 Warm Sporran

B1 Something's on the Movie
B2 Old Ghosts
B3 Dun Ringill
B4 Flying Dutchman
B5 Elegy
SX-T 45
Eddy GRANT – At His Best (LP)
Side A
A1 Living On The Frontline
A2 Do You Feel My Love
A3 It's All In You
A4 I Don't Wanna Wanna Dance

Side B
B1 Electric Avenue
B2 Walking On Sunshine
B3 Till I Can't Take Love No More
B4 Can't Get Enough Of Tou
B5 Romancing The Store
LP 032

DWA PLUS JEDEN - Easy Come, Easy Go
A1 Easy Come, Easy Go
A2 More
A3 Sad Is The Heart
A4 Keep Your Hands To Yourself
A5 You Won't See Me Crying
A6 Calico Girl

B1 Jumbo Jumbo
B2 Allah Inch' Allah
B3 My Gipsy Lady
B4 Singapore
B5 Silver Arrows
LP 072

IMAGINATION – Imagination
A1 Destivy den
A2 Kdo z nas smi se vratit
A3 Ted uz vis, ze jsem to ja
A4 Kam tenkrat sel muj bratr Jan
A5 Pujdem spat

B1 Par havranich copanku
B2 Lorelay
B3 Do re mi la
B4 Amore mio
B5 Az jednou
B6 Vsim byl bych rad
B7 Na rozloucenou
LP 169
John TRAVOLTA - Złote przeboje (LP)
Side A
A1 Let Her In
A2 Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
A3 Rainbows
A4 I Don’t Know
A5 Big Trouble
A6 Good Night Mr.Moon
A7 Sandy
A8 Baby, I Could Be So Good At Lovin’ You

Side B
B1 Slow Dancing
B2 Can’t Let You Go
B3 Backdoors Crying
B4 Right Time Of The Night
B5 Moonlight Lady
B6 Greased Lightnin
B7 You Set My Dreams To Music
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